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System for measurement of human tongue strength exerted on the teeth

Oral forces act in the maintenance of dental balance. The pressures exerted by the lips, tongue and cheeks in their usual positions, although small, are large enough to move the teeth if they are unbalanced, as they have long duration. On the other hand, the pressures exerted by these organs during the function have high magnitudes, are variable and have short duration. So their influence in dental movement is not clear.

The objective of this project is to develop a method for characterization of tongue force in habitual position, speech and swallowing.

With that purpose, the Biomechanics Engineering Group from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, developed a measurement system composed by two intraoral resistive-based sensor, with 9 mm of diameter, attached to the upper central incisors lingual surfaces through a resin adhesive. The application of a force to the active sensing area of this sensor results in a change in the resistance of the sensing element in inverse proportion to the force applied. A converter circuit converts the electric resistance into electric tension and generates an analogical sign, which is transformed into a digital sign by a data acquisition device. Treatment and storage systems and graphic interface were included in a software that stores the graph containing the time x strength pairs.

The system is under adjustment and calibration. Data collecting phase will be started, and measurements will be conducted.

TEAM: Tulimar P. Machado Cornacchia, Andréa Rodrigues Motta, Estevam Barbosa de las Casas, Márcio Falcão Santos Barroso, Cláudio Gomes da Costa, Jorge Milton Elian Saffar, Carlos Alberto Cimini Jr., Jéssica Mara de Carvalho Silva, Renata Maria Moreira Moraes Furlan, André Lopes, Leonardo Torres, Eduardo M. L. Lima, Amanda Freitas Valentim and Laís Sant'Ana Munari.

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